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Super BINGO Metropolis Antena 1 | Bilete castigatoare | Lista castigatori 27 .09


Super Bingo Metropolis la Antena 1 cu Tociu si Palade
a inceput ieri 27 septembrie 2009.

Cartonul (biletul) albastru de Bingo costa 1.6 lei si poate fi cumparat de la vanzatorii volanti. Trebuie sa ai numerele norocoase atunci cand se striga Linie sau Bingo.
Regulamentul jocului Super Bingo Metropolis in gasiti pe site Premiile puse in joc se ridica la 1.5 milioane de euro, dar acestea nu se vor da intr-o singura emisiune. Castigatorii vor fi sunati de organizatori in timpul emisiunii.

Lista castigatorilor Super BINGO Metrolpolis

In prima editie s-au acordat premii in valoare de 1.8 milioane lei (18 miliarde lei vechi) din care:

100.000 lei premiul de super linie
800.000 lei premiul de super bingo
peste 600.000 lei la concursul telefonic
5 premii de 10.000 lei la extragere
zeci de premii la joc bingo si line - urmeaza lista completa a castigatorilor:

Gligor Floarea din Timisoara - 45000 ron
Bascarau Ana din Arad - 80.000 ron
Iedean Stefan din Bistrita - 50.000 RON
Dragomir Marius din Baicoi - 40.000 RON
Iacob Gheorghita din Resita - 40.000 lei
Marta Mariana din TIMIS - 45.000 LEI
Matei Ilie din Bucuresti - 50.000 lei
Buzatu Florin - 65.000 lei

S-a reportat pentru editia de duminica viitoare premiul de Linie acumulata in valoare de 100.000 euro si marele premiu de Bingo acumulat in valoare de 1 milion euro

Cel mai mare premiu la concursul telefonic Super Bingo Metropolis a fost in valoare de 100.000 lei si a fost castigat de Dascalescu Adriana din Comanesti


45 89 64 62 90 82 30 55 85 67 8 48 80 88 52 79 63 10 3 53 14 20 61 18 41 58 43 9 22 51 2 23 24 69 25 13 56 17 59 72 57 47 78 71 4 49 21 16 12 40 70 66 32 26 68 37 34 28 15 6 65 31
Cartonul cu numarul 399 din topul (seria) 2214 a castigat premiul de SUPERBINGO in valoare de 800.000 RON

Premiul de linie este 10 ron iar cel de bingo 50 ron iar plata acestor premii se face la vanzatorii de bilete

Numarul de telefon pentru informatii oficiale este 0219594.

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It’s always exciting to be with a cheering crowd, watching the athletes performing their fullest However, locating and buying the tickets for this excitement is not that easy. Sports tickets are always in high demand, no matter what the game is or where it has been played. Usually, sports tickets are purchased by five different means. All of them have their own pluses and minuses.

Most of the grocery stores will sell sports tickets in the home town. Generally, football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer tickets are sold at the grocery stores. These stores will also have the layout of the stadium so that you can choose your preferred seats. However, this method of buying sports tickets is restricted to local sports. You can’t find tickets to international sports in these ticket stores.

Secondly, sports tickets could be purchased by directly visiting the stadium. This option to purchase the sports tickets depends on the nature of the sport. If it’s an anticipated match between two most popular teams, the tickets would have been already sold out. Hence this method of purchasing the sports tickets is not the best.

Buying sports tickets from scalpers is the most risky way of getting `em. As the scalpers will try to get rid of the tickets, you can get the tickets cheaper than its face value if you wait until the day of the game. However, things are different if the match is between two very popular teams. In that case, the cost of the tickets will rise above the face value. Moreover, nowadays these scalpers sell counterfeit sports tickets which leave less money in your wallet and no tickets to the sport.

If all the above three means of buying sports tickets fail, one may consider getting them from friends or relatives. This mode of getting the sports tickets won’t work most of the time. The reason is that, most people having the sports tickets won’t give them up to anybody. Moreover, you should have contacts with people of the same interest.

Today, buying sports tickets is made much easier through the online sports ticket stores. The online sports ticket websites are the safest and most convenient means to buy sports tickets. The websites like will never charge more than the face value. Moreover, you can book your seats by relaxing in your home. This saves much of your time and money and also guaranteeing your seat in the exciting arena.

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